COVID-19 Update
We are having a wonderful summer as we serve your family with a fun, safe, and exciting camp. Please note that all decisions take into consideration guidelines from Governor Edwards and St. Tammany’s LIVE SAFE. WORK SAFE. SHOP SAFE. Action Plan.
Here are a couple important dates you need to know as we look to Camp Northlake opening soon.

-  Start date will be moved from May 25th to June 5th to operate at Phase II capacity.  

-  Open House for Camp Northlake will be June 4th from 9 am – 11 am. We will approach this year’s open house differently as you will have designated times to come pick up shirts, meet counselors, and tour the camp rooms if desired.

-  Friday, June 5th is going to be a FREE fun day at camp as we implement our new protocols and procedures to ensure the safety of our staff and campers. Please click on this link to sign your camper up for this fun day at camp!

- Our first full week of camp will be the week of June 8 – June 12.

We are very aware of the need for additional safety as we open after the COVID-19 shutdown.

-  Additional staff has been hired to ensure smaller ratios between campers and counselors.

-  Additional space is being used to keep areas at 25% capacity as guidelines require.

- Counselors will go through additional training this year to ensure they are aware of new policy and protocol.

- Our staff will be equipped with face masks and will be taking temperatures of both staff and campers periodically throughout the day.

- Equipment and rooms will be sanitized and cleaned thoroughly on an hourly basis between each station and group.

- A professional sanitizing company is sanitizing the ENTIRE CAMPUS before we get started!

-  Large group activities such as lunch and chapel will be approached in a different manner this year to encourage and maintain social distancing.

-  Pools WILL be utilized this summer! There is CDC guidance that pools are helpful in making the virus inactive.

This year, Camp Northlake activities will look a bit different than past years and we are THRILLED!

-  We will not be able to go on our anticipated field trips given reaching capacity on buses and many of our field trip destinations will not be reopened yet.

- In lieu of field trips, we will be offering exciting new enrichment activities with weekly STEM activities and collaboration with the sports camps that Northlake has to offer.

Update 07-12-20

NCS faculty, coaches, counselors, and staff have done an outstanding job so far of following current protocols for COVID-19. Those who lead on campus will continue to diligently follow protocols for face covering, temperature checks, health screening, and staying home when exhibiting symptoms of illness. 

Students on the NCS campus during the summer are engaged in a wide variety of activities at Camp Northlake, Wolverine athletic training, and academic preparation. Therefore, NCS will encourage students, campers, and athletes to wear masks when and where appropriate based on age, activity, and ability. 

Following Governor Edwards’ announcement, NCS will accept the parents’ representation of the students’ need to wear a mask. This means that some students will be wearing masks and some will not. It also means that some will wear masks at certain times and not at others. 

NCS coaches, counselors, teachers, and administrators will support your wishes as a parent regarding your child’s wearing a mask. If you particularly desire that your student wear a mask at all or certain times, please communicate that to the appropriate camp, team, or academic leader so that NCS can support you while your student is in our care.

NCS will also diligently attend to maintaining smaller groups on campus, seeking to operate in a “cohort” fashion wherein certain students or athletes  stay with certain counselors, coaches, and teachers during the day.